October 29, 2008

Word of Wizards - Digital Insider #13

Digital Insider #13: Character Builder

Other than the usual updates on the Compendium and the magazines, this week's address talks most about the Beta of the Character Builder.

We can expect to see the beta happening in about 1-2 weeks for D&DI subscribers and about a month after that it will be opened to the public.

The Beta version will allow creating characters from level 1 to 3 and includes content from the Core Books, Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide and Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, the Adventurer’s Vault and the Dragon and Dungeon Magazines 4th Edition content up to Dragon 356 and Dungeon 157. All the Heroic tier feats from those sources will be available in the Beta, as well as magic items level 1 to 8.

There are some really nice screenshots of the Character Builder in this week's article and I would like to try my hands on it when the public Beta launches.

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