November 1, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Daring Acrobat

Martial Power Exceprts: Daring Acrobat

After revealing the new Aerialist rogue build, it's time to look at some Paragon Path that is related to it; the Daring Acrobat.

By now, some of you may notice that the whole Aerialist and Daring Acrobat build would be revolving around a few things.

All the powers we have seen so far has a pre-requisite of using a Light Blade.

They are most efficient to be used when charging.

And it's probably one of the most mobile build for 4E.

The Daring Acrobat takes this to a higher level with features such as Agile Charger (16th level) which grants a AC and Reflex bonus when charging and allowing the Acrobat to take further action after the charge which would normally end your turn.

Used in conjuction with Acrobatic Action (11th level), you will be charging, moving, taking a minor action, action point to charge again and move again after that. You could not ask for more mobility after that, which is what the Aerialist/Acrboat does.

Wild Tumble Cut (Encounter, Level 11) and Dramatic Finish (Daily, 20) makes no exception to this while dealing massive damage of 4[W]+Dex (or 6[W]+Dex if either you or the target is bloodied for Dramatic Finish)

This is looking to be a solid and good straigth-up paragon path to take for the Aerialist build rogue and it does leave with a dramatic finish.


Anonymous said...

Yep, very, very cool! Wizard's is outdoing themselves with this. The "Power" series is looking to be amazing for the system. It's really pushing the system to be more flexible and interesting from what we've seen, and this is good for everyone involved.

By the way, you can call me Wyatt. :)

Questing GM said...

Thanks, Wyatt!

I'll admit that this was what I had in mind for a Rogue to excel in combat. This definately met my expectations better than the Thief Acrobat in 3.x which was pretty useless in combat situations.