February 28, 2009

Word of Wizards - 28/2/09

There goes February.

For the final week of updates this month, it has generally been the routine stuff. Both magazines get compiled in conjunction with the release of their respective art and map galleries while the couple of excerpts from Player's Handbook 2 have rolled in.

Overall, it was a pretty lacking week in terms of the excerpts. None of them have been really surprising or shown anything new that we could expect to see from the PHB II. This week's podcast was fun and it gave a better look at the Avenger which yielded more information than both excerpts combined.

So let's wrap up February.

Monday (23/2/09)
Excerpts: Frenzied Berserker

Wednesday (25/2/09)
D&D Podcast: Penny Arcade/PvP Ep2
Dungeon 163 Art & Map Gallery

Friday (27/2/09)
Excerpts: Rituals
Dragon 372 Art Gallery
March Editorial Calendar

As always at the end of every month, we can always look forward to what is installed for us next month. The editorial calendar for March is already out so it's a good place to start.

It's going to be exciting month because the time has come for the long awaited Player's Handbook 2 to be finally released and March promises to tease us with more excerpts until it's launch date (mark your calendars, it's on the 17th).

For next week, we will begin with a preview of books and products all the way till May. Then we might get a spotlight interview and not forgetting the usual doses of PHB II excerpts.

So stay tuned!

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