July 15, 2010

{Quest Log} Some Stuff I'm Planning to Buy

Since I've started working less than a year ago, I'm finally earning my own cash to spend more on RPGs than I had before as a kid.

One thing about being an adult is that you become a little more cautious on how you are going to spend your hard earned money and purchase decisions are made more carefully after serious considerations and research.

After months of budgeting and savings (I don't earn that much), I'm ready to make my first splurge on RPGs products that I've had my eyes on since I got my first paycheck.

Here's my current wishlist of stuff that I've been wanting to buy:

1. Dungeon Tiles & Minis
2. Pathfinder Bestiary
3. Fantasy Craft
4. Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting

Minis and Dungeon Tiles, in my opinion, have a much higher reuse value than supplements, considering the rate that they go 'obsolete' nowadays. You can always reuse an old mini or tile for a different system but you can't really do it with a supplement for another system, unless you convert it.

I was going to go ahead with Fantasy Craft and Pathfinder Chronicles but after doing some digging, I've read that both of them will be having a second print run soon so they got pushed down the priority list.

Fantasy Craft will be adding some major erratas and changes and I've read that the second print run books will be out by GenCon. In the meantime, if you already have a PDF copy of the first print, you can get the updated second print for free.

Meanwhile, the Pathfinder Chronicles is going to be replaced as the Pathfinder Campaign Setting World Guide - Inner Sea which was due out in September but Lisa Stevens has confirmed me that it would be out by 2011.

The Bestiary is currently in its second print run and from the sounds of it, if I purchased it now, it should have the erratas printed in it.

So it looks like I'll be waiting for Fantasy Craft and Pathfinder Chronicles which gives me more money to spend on minis and Dungeon Tiles.


Michael said...

Might hold off on the Campaign Setting book. Paizo is releasing the revised World Guide that brings everything up to date with the PFRPG rules. Comes out in September.

Questing GM said...

Hey Mad Brew,

Actually Lisa Stevens came along and told me that it will be pushed back to 2011 because they wanted to make it perfect.

That's cool, Paizo's got my money anyway.