July 12, 2011

{Quest Log} There comes an age....the Dragon Age

Hey all! It's been months since I last updated and real life has been tumultuous along the way. Since my last entry, I was employed into a new job and work basically took over my life again. In the meantime, my group had stopped roleplaying but continued playing boardgames. However that soon also fell through as they seem to lose the enthusiasm for it and got busy with other commitments. After long periods without any gaming activity, I thought that it was about time that I started the urge again to roleplay as characters and roll some dice.

It was coincidentally that I was about to launch into new plans of gaming when Free RPG Day went by and some of the print offerings (which I missed because there's no store that participates in Free RPG Day here) had been put up as free PDFs by their respective publishers. So I thought that it was a good time to check for any quick-start rules of new games that we could try.

So it was there I decided to pick up Green Ronin's Dragon Age quick start rules and have browsed through it several times over the past weeks or so. What I really liked about the AGE system is because it uses an abundance of d6s, which means that it's open to new players who don't have their own set of polyhedrals.

Now I'm eager to try running it with the sample adventure attached at the back and I plan to do my prep notes and thoughts on the quickstart rules and the adventure here. Just so that readers here will have something new to read again at the Questing GM.

On the other side of things, the RPG Herald is almost 3 months old now and I barely noticed how time flies as I try to keep posting on the latest news in the RPG industry. There's been some times when it was hard to keep up, but at this point in time, I'm glad to say that I'm happy with how diversified my news items are and how much it has expanded my knowledge about the RPG industry along the way.

Although the hits are still very low, but I would encourage any gamer to check it out if they want to know on the latest news and products that are available on the market. It's definitely the news site to watch if you are into multiple RPGs rather than just being a loyal fanboy to one system.

I'd also appreciate it if you would spread the word around about the RPG Herald because it needs the hits that it can get.

In the meantime, I've already had some ideas of new features to be added in this blog for months but haven't been able to really implement them yet. Just thought that I should mentioned it so that I can remind myself to give this blog a new revival of content.

Keep reading the Questing GM on my prep for the Dragon Age Quickstart Rules

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