August 20, 2008

GenCon 2008 Round Up!

So GenCon is over and all our fellow bloggers are back from their best 4 days of gaming.

Of course, being someone from Borneo I never had the chance of attending a GenCon. It would surely be nice to go attend it at least once for the experience, but while I wait for that unfulfilling dream to come true (someday), I can only have everyone's word (and my own imagination) about how awesome it is or what was it like to be there.

Never fear though. With RPG bloggers that you can find here, someone is bound to post something about it for sure. So here's a mini blog, or should I say, post roll that shares their experience about this year's GenCon (and nothing better than link-love).

RPG Blog II: Post-Gen Con 2008

A Butterfly Dreaming: I'm back

MadBrew Labs: GenCon2008 Aftermath

Neitherworld Stories: A Weekend in Indianapolis

ChattyDM: YA5WKEPACLB*: What Gen Con 2008 meant for me (that's the short version)

ChattyDM: Gen Con 2008 Rambling (Semi-Live blog) (of course he wouldn't be called the chatty DM if there wasn't a long version, EPIC long I might add!) Gencon 2008 Wrap-Up!

EDIT: Gencon 2008: StupidRanger's Wrap-up

Critical-Hits: GenCon 2008 Coverage (check here often for more updates!)

WoTC GenCon 2008 Blogs

Still haven't had enough?

You can read even more shorter recollections HERE!

Other coverages for the event;

WoTC GenCon Coverage: Thursday Highlights

WoTC Gencon Coverage: Friday Highlights

WoTC GenCon Coverage: Friday Highlights Part II

WoTC Gencon Coverage: Saturday Highlights

This Just In From GenCon (podcast) (check it out before the news get pushed to the bottom)

Need something visual?

Tabletop Gaming News (photos & videos)

Critical-Hits GenCon photos (Updated daily!)

And here's some moving pictures.

GamerZer0 - GenCon 2008 Intro

GamerZer0 - Randy Buehler on D&D Insider

GamerZer0 - Dragon and Dungeon Magazine

GamerZero - Ken Troop on D&Di Updates and Community Feedback

One Lucky Guy

Other Video Coverages:

OboeCop's Video Coverage

The rest of GamerZer0's videos

Sadly, this year's GenCon is the first without its founder; the great Gary Gygax. A moment of silence was dedicated in his memory and there was even an memorial event commerated to him.

This story brings back good memories of the man when he was still alive. You must read it! It's filled with Gygaxian goodness!

Now I'll just have to wait for GenCon 2009.

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