August 20, 2008

Play by Facebook (PbF)?

Scout Rouse has just annouced a new Facebook application called Tiny Adventures. You begin to play by selecting one of their pre-gen characters. Then you decide which adventures to go for where you face a series of encounters to complete the quest while getting loot, XP and gold along the way. Levelling up and updating your character as you progress through different adventures. I'm not a fan of Facebook games before but I decided to give this one a whirl anyway.

So I selected to be a Dragonborn Fighter whom I named as Tharex and for my first adventure I've decided to take on a quest called the 'Curse of the Wolf Moon'. Tharex has to travel through Felltooth Wood and Felltooth Mountain to reach the legendary Mirror Lake. There to find the blessed wolfsbane which grows in the spray of the Singing Falls. It's the only cure to save a town that is recovering from a werewolf attack.

So Tharex begins the adventure, armed with a dagger (what kind of Fighter starts his career with a dagger?), and rusty armor, by walking through the forest when he is ambushed by a Fire Bettle. He dispatches the bettle in the most heroic fashion (with a dagger) and found a morningstar to replace his flimsy dagger.

Deeper in the forest, Tharex was caught by a trap set up by some goblins. When they came out from their hiding spots to poke their big sticks at Tharex, he managed to kill one of the goblins with his morningstar which scared them off. Thanks to his armor, Tharex came out unscathed. So he took his time to release himself from the trap and continued on.

As Tharex enters into the mountain canyon, he is ambushed again by goblins who throw rocks at him. Tharex makes a succesful Dex check and throws one of the rocks back at the goblins, hitting one of them square in the face and tumbled down to Tharex's feet. The rest of the goblins ran away. By then, I was starting to feel fearless of ambushes despite how low Tharex's Perception must be.

Tharex's journey was put on halt due to a storm later on. Fortunately, he was able to find shelter in a cave and stumbled upon a stash of supplies which appeared to be left behind by some not so fortunate traveler. He found some gold and a potion of Glibness which gives him a +5 to CHA for 4 encounters!

Tharex reaches the Mirror Lake and begins his search for the wolfsbane. As he searched, he is attacked by a couple kuo-tas that carried tridents and nets that sprung out from the lake. The mighty Tharex slew both his attackers, looted their bodies for gold and found a Potion of Reflexes that gives him a +4 to DEX for 4 encounters. Sweet!

At the edge of the lake, Tharex notices 2 dwarves arguing amongst themselves. Tharex was able to use his charisma to defuse the argument to avoid any attention and settled their dispute. The dwarves then thanked Tharex with a Addergrease Leather armor but it could not be worn by Therax.

Therax continued his search and was bitten by a poisonous snake but his fortitude managed to save him from its harmful effects.

Finally, Tharex found the wolfsbane herbs but had one final obstacle to overcome; the thunderous waters of the Singing Falls. It was too dangerous to swim through the jagged rocks, so Tharex had to brave through the pounding waters by following a wet and slippery path. His powerful athleticism and strong physique managed him through and he was able to obtain the wolfsbane.

After through many trials and tribulations, Therax returns back to the village and lifts them from their woes with the healing abilites of the wolfsbane. He is admired and remembered as a hero and rewarded greatly with gold and...

Another dagger.

The encounters are played descriptively and uses a random number generator which adds in your character's modifiers to see if you succeed in the encounter. Between each encounter is a 8 minute wait, so you could surf around somewhere else before you get back to it. It was a nice little experience that spend about an hour or so and I do see it's potential for being addictive. I look forward to bring Therax to his next adventure.

If you have a Facebook account (You must login to your account before you can play this), I suggest you do give this a little spin. It's really nice to be a time-filler between things or if you are already playing Mob Wars. Bring some friends along too!


greywulf said...

Good write-up.

Y'know, it's great to see Wizards' get something Digital right for a change. Kudos to them :D

Questing GM said...

Yeah. Although this was totally unexpected!

It reminds me of a plot hook generator WoTC had few years at their site.

I wondered what happened to that...