October 4, 2008

New Format for Word of Wizards

I hope that some of you are familiar with my regular column on this blog. I've stated that I was in the planning process of revamping the format of the column in my last entry because I've come to realize a few things.

  1. Trying to cram everything that happens in one week into one post makes the post a bit long, boring and confusing to read at times.
  2. I think that some updates deserve to have an entry of their own so that I could comment on them further than what is allowed in the current format.
  3. I don't seem to be posting as much as I should.
  4. I haven't been able to read all the new articles/updates all at once so some items are left unexplained or unmentioned which was not what this regular column was meant to do.
  5. My scope of news from Wizards has been somewhat limited and should have expanded further to include other sources that were previously hard to categorize.

Now with the new editorial calendar set up at Wizards, I would be able to anticipate when the new updates would be coming up and you can expect to hear about them shortly after from me. So here are the changes that I would be implementing soon.

  1. As much as I can, I will post something up regarding any new updates that appear on WoTC's site according to their editorial schedule (every Monday, Wednesday & Friday) with my own added comments or opinions. This post will not be dated but will have a title of it's own with the Word of Wizards tag.
  2. Then on every Friday or Saturday, I will post up a compilation of those posts so that you can link back to them for easier reference or to check out what you missed (very much like UncleBear's Random News feature). This post will be dated with the Word of Wizards tag like the current format.
  3. News regarding Wizards from other sources are being considered to be included as well, so you can expect a few guerilla posts or two about any juicy rumors.

I would like to take this opportunity to state this again that I will not be subscribing to DDI (for now) so that means I will not be able to comment or post about anything new from Dungeon or Dragon once WoTC has hit the switch.

I know this isn't much because you'll probably be wondering what difference will this column make if I'm just going to talk about stuff that everybody can get but I've received comments from people who appreciate my effort of trying to summarize things down for them or who can't access WoTC's site while at work, so I thank you again!

I really do hope that you guys will stay with me even though I guess including Dungeon and Dragon magazine material would have been more interesting to read about.

I won't be making copy pasta of WoTC's articles wholesale, just nitpicking the bits that I find interesting or good to know about. So you would still need to check out the actual article itself if you're ever in the right place or time (don't worry, I'll provide links!).

There, now that this is off my chest. You should be hearing from me this coming Monday when the most anticipated playtest is released, BARBARIAN!

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