October 13, 2008

Word of Wizards - Campaign Items

Campaign Items

I find this is a very good article that shows you ways on how to incorporate Artifacts and the newly introduced Vehicles in the Adventurer's Vault into your campaign.

What I really liked about this article is it tells you when should PCs receive artifacts/vehicles, how artifacts and vehicles can affect encounter and campaign design and how to move on without them.

I certainly recommend this a must read for anyone who is interested in running a campaign based on artifacts with 4E D&D. Although most of the advice really ties mechanics with the fluff of artifacts, some of the advice should be alright to be carried over in other systems.

I've never run a campaign like this before. Now with this and the recent Items of Legend article, I'm really considering the possibilities.

On a side note, I'm really liking the format of Dragon supporting a product just after it is released with relevant and useful articles. It's too bad that I'll be missing articles such as this in the future so it's no reason not to download it now for free!

Hurry before it's too late!

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