October 24, 2008

Word of Wizards - D&D Miniature Changes Explained

D&D Miniature Changes Explained

Scott Rouse has taken the time to explain to some of us, concerned fans about the recent changes that Wizard is proceeding with their miniature lines and answer a few questions that is sure to be the back of everyone's head.

I would suggest that you read the actual article for the full details but I gathered that the main reason why Wizards has decided to come up with this new format for their miniatures is because of 2 things.Increasing Cost and decline of the skirmish play.

So, they have decided to create a new prodcut line that is centered on the roleplayers, which was something I was hoping they would do when they started with DDM.

There are concerns about the increased price for less miniatures and Scott Rouse has an answer for that. Basically, for the most part, we are paying higher prices for higher quality miniatures minus the randomizing. The miniatures from the D&D Heroes line will be in Rare quality (or even better). Just look at this Goliath which I think looks awesome!

The Dangerous Delve miniatures will feature 2 rares (one is the large sized miniature which will be visible and a random rare in the pack), which I don't think it's all that a bad deal. Especially if I get to see this visible in the pack.

As for the concerns about the power cards, perhaps there was a little misunderstanding by some. To make it clear, they will be evenly distributed among the packs in D&D Heroes and they will all be the same. This means for the first line of the set, there should be 18 brand new powers and their cards. The new powers from the cards will be available in the D&D Compendium and the D&D Builder and also possibly included in future D&D sourcebooks.

It is sad to say that the upcoming Feywild randomized miniature set has been cancelled to make adjustments for the new direction of DDM and all sanctioned skirmish games will cease to be acknowledged after D&D XP in February 2009.

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