October 22, 2008

Word of Wizards - Digital Insider #12: Launch

Digital Insider #12: Launch

This week, Randy Buehler is trying to convince those who are not subscribing to DDI (like me) that it is awesome and telling us what we are missing out. He even tries to tell us that skeptics are giving in to DDI.

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Jul 2008

I am weak.
Oh, the shame.

I was one of the folks saying "no way I'm gonna sign up for this before it's all ready, I don't want it, it's not enough, etc., etc." I still have my reservations, but I've been going back and forth on subscribing. I'd decided not to until everybody was talking about how crunchtastic and meaty the gladiator article is, and I said to myself, "Self," I says, "you gotta read that article and you know it." So I went in for a 3-monther to see how I liked it.

Thus far, people were right - the gladiator article is probably the best thing I've seen since they started (up there with the Warlock article) this little shindig. Plus, the Compendium is looking pretty good (though I don't see the Barbarian playtest stuff in there yet). So here's looking forward to more good stuff. I hope they make their deadlines.

He also uses the argument that if you are a long time fan of D&D, it is your obligatory duty to subscribe!

I have been playing D&D since September of 1988, and have loved it since. I have always loved fantasy things, from King Arthur on through to the Drizzt novels. I have been following the Fourth Edition stuff since it came out in June, and I convinced my boss to let me host a release party in our store. I was skeptical at first, but soon after fell in love with this edition, that I feel captures the original thing I liked about D&D twenty years ago... Make The Story Your Own.

I signed up as soon as I could because I really enjoy this new edition, and want to keep up to date on everything I can. Especially those crunchy playtests that I know are going to keep coming out, just like the Barbarian playtest.

I have no plans on stopping gaming anytime in the future, and Fourth Edition is one of the best presentations I have seen yet since the days of the red boxed, wherein dwarves, halflings and elves were character classes.

But No, I say. I won't give in to his sweet words and taunts of calling me a traitor of the hobby. Here's why,

1) Paypal

We continue to work with Digital River to understand what we need to do in order to be able to take PayPal for Insider subscriptions. While DR does take PayPal for other things, they do not currently have it integrated with their subscription infrastructure. I do not currently have an eta on when they will implement this feature, but I know they plan to and I can assure you it is our #1 request of them right now.

2) Opting out of Auto-renew

We’ve gotten several comments asking why there’s no automated way to cancel the auto-renewal on your subscription. You can turn it off, but (as explained here in the super-awesome D&DI store FAQ) it requires you to send an e-mail to customer service. We agree that this should be easier than it currently is. This is another item where I don’t have an eta for launching the new feature, but I did want to let you guys know that we hear you and we agree.

4) Character Builder

I know lots of you have been craving more information about the timing of the Character Builder. I’m going to turn most of next week’s column over to some of the folks who have been working on it so you can get some information and some screenshots.

Nice try, Randy. But I don't have a credit card.


Jonathan said...

i just love it how the quoted forum troll's was "Mock".

In science, a "mock experiment" is one that is done as an excercise, but its outcome is known already. it can be a teaching tool to teach newbie bench scientists how to do something, or a control experiment you do side-by-side with your real one.

Mock... he loves DDI. What a surprise~!


Questing GM said...

That's funny, Jonathan.

I seem to recall what WoTC's stance on trolls was in the Red Dragon interview.

Poop would have be a more aptly. XD