October 8, 2008

Word of Wizards - Digital Insider #10: The Builder

Digital Insider #10: The Builder

Here's a summary and some thoughts about what Randy said this week.

D&D Subscription for Sale
  • Again, still no exact date announced and they are not intending to announce one either. But it is getting very close. From the sounds of it, my bet is during somewhere next week.

I think this is absolutely not the way to handle it. Wizards is technically expecting all of us to wake up one fine morning, access the Compendium, Bonus Tools or the magazines and just to find out that we have to subscribe to go any further, with no warning whatsoever (unless this counts as one).

What if some of us still want to test out the DDI features one last time when it is still free? At least, with a known deadline, it could mean whether a decision is made by users whether to subscribe or not by then.

Character Builder Beta Testing
  • The launching of the Beta test should be happening somewhere within weeks, not months.
  • Stage One will start with the Closed Beta which is only open to anyone who signed up to be tester during D&DXP, friends and family of WoTC employees and DDI subscribers.
  • The Beta test will be able to create characters up to level 3 and will include materials up to the Forgotten Realms Players Guide.
  • Stage Two, the open Beta test will allow anyone who wants to try it out and will be able to use what is available in Stage One.
  • Stage Three, once the Character Builder is launched as part of the subscriber's package, all 30 levels of content will be unlocked to subscribers. While a free version that is similar to Stage Two will be available to the non-subscribers.

Other Interesting Quotes
  • 'The Gladiator article is probably the most innovative as the idea there is to provide feats that allow you to multi-class into a class that doesn’t actually exist.'
  • 'Meanwhile I got a look earlier today at the Editorial Calendar for November and it’s got me wondering what classes would be best when you’re playing a Minotaur.'

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