October 27, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: The Aerialist Rogue

Martial Power Excerpts: The Aerialist Rogue

This week's excerpt is about the Rogue's chapter, a new build and a couple of powers. In this chapter you will find,

New Rogue Builds: There are 2 builds; the Aerialist (which is featured in today's excerpt) and the Cutthroat. The Aerialist, as the name implies, is about acrobatics.

New Class Features: There will be 3 new features, one of which is called the Ruthless Ruffian. There is already a Brutal Scoundrel in the PHB so I'll be looking to see what so different between these two. Perhaps that Rogue is a martial class but I'm not really digging into this whole aggresive rogue thing.

New Powers: duh!

New Paragon Path: Altogether there are going to be 12 paths for the rogue. We've seen the Spymaster in the first excerpt so here are the hints or what to expect.
Be the lethal shot in the dark, teach your knives to take wing, swashbuckle, or deal death as an agent of the Raven Queen.

There are 2 new powers in this excerpt. Both has a prerequisite of being trained in Acrobatics and must wield a light blade which I think makes them balanced. Both are very much hit and run powers which allows the rogue to deal damage and shift a certain number of squares.

Fox's Gambit (1st level Encounter) demarks any marks that the target has applied and it cannot mark until the end of your next turn.

Handspring Assault (1st level Daily) is sweet because first of all, it's Reliable. I don't think there is any first level Daily at the moment that is Reliable. Secondly, it's can be substituted with a melee basic attack when charging. Lastly, it deals 3[W]+Dex and allows you to shift 2 squares after that!

Expect more rogue-y goodness on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Martial Power is shaping up to be amazing! 12 new paths and two new builds for the Rogue alone? Excellent! This one is looking more like a must-buy every second.

Questing GM said...

Yes, it is, wyattsalazar.

If you checked back with the earlier excerpts, they seem to imply that the fighter, ranger and the rogue will have 12 paragon paths each.

But only the ranger has one new build while the others have 2.