October 27, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Hoards

Draconomicon Excerpts: Hoards

Today's excerpt from the Draconomicon puts an interesting twist to the well sought after dragon hoard.

I would most certainly recommend this article because of the brilliant idea of using hoards as terrain. This excerpt provides some of the mechanics that can turn a rich hoard into a hazardous battleground.

A couple of my favorites are;
Dazzling Treasure: A mirror, shield, or other shiny surface reflects and intensifies light shined upon it so that those nearby are temporarily blinded by its brightness. A character ending his or her movement in a square adjacent to dazzling treasure and within the area of a light source is blinded until the start of his or her next turn.

Dragon-Cursed: Dragon-cursed treasure carries the maliciousness of its owner to such an extent that anyone that handles as much as a gold piece falls under a mild curse. A character in possession of dragon-cursed treasure while the dragon still lives takes a –2 penalty to all defenses until he or she discards the tainted item (throws it away to no benefit) or has a Remove Affliction ritual performed on him or her.

It's not really introducing a whole rule set by itself and I think it can be easily replicated by just designing some traps with a dragon hoard theme in mind.

There is also a downloadable pdf of tables for creating art objects if you're into that sort of thing.

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