October 25, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Brown Dragon

Draconomicon Excerpts: Brown Dragon

Welcome the newest member of the Chromatic family; the brown dragon.

This lazy glutton among dragons live for the sole purpose of eating the easiest and tastiest of meals and would almost do anything (even at the behest of its hoard) to get it.

It lives in the desert and breathes out hot stinging sand that also blinds its targets. Other than possessing valuable and magical treasure, the brown dragon also collects expensive utensils and silverware. It also boast rare books among it's hoard although I have my doubts that they contain any potent arcane spells than recipes.

Although the attractions of the brown dragon is quite amusing, the sand-based attacks of the 16th level Solo Lurker Elder Brown Dragon is no laughing matter. It has a Sand Spray attack that is an immediate reaction to anyone that uses a ranged attack on the dragon which could blind them.

Its Breath Weapon stays on the battlefield until the end of its next turn and anyone that is adjacent or moves through the area takes ten damage.

Haven't had enough? How about its Quicksand Vortex which allows it to transform into sand, shift through occupied squares and deals 2d6+4 damage and blinds anyone it passes through.


Anonymous said...

I ran a few playtest games against that thing and my god, it's the most annoying solo monster I have ever seen. If it gets good recharges on all its blinding powers, its downright frustrating to play against. It can catch every player in that "run around making people blind" attack and then laugh it off with some breaths and claws. That chick in the horse is going down HARD.

Questing GM said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, wyattsalazar!

Although I'll be curious to hear what classes you went with to run through the playtest. I went back to check on the MM and compared the brown dragon with other chromatics of the same age group. None of the dragons there so far have a breath weapon that stays for another round.

The 10 damage looks pretty standard but not all breaths have a secondary effect.

Quicksand Vortex is by far the most mobile of the other dragon's extra power and I don't think any of the dragons have their powers based on a status effect as much as the brown dragon.