October 25, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Feral Spirit

Martial Power Excerpts: Feral Spirit

After showing us the Beastmaster build for ranger, they naturally would show a new paragon path for it.

While speculations about what [B] means is almost getting more certain, after reading this, I'm guessing that each animal companion category will have a certain dice for damage which gets the [B] label.

This paragon path has features (Fearsome Partnership) and powers (Feral Diversion & Twin-Soul Strike) that really makes the best out of the Beastmaster and his animal companion. This is probably one of the mobile build I have ever seen in 4th edition so far and it would be really interesting to see how it plays out on the game table.

My only dissatisfaction for this excerpt is that they re-using the artwork from the previous edition which was initially used for the Urban Ranger.

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