October 20, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Origins

Draconomicon Excerpts: Origins

This is a surprising excerpt since it was not in the October Editorial Calendar so I considered this an added bonus from a book which we haven't heard any word so far.

Nothing crunchy yet, it's just about the creation myth of dragons for the 4th edition.

There are now officially 5 dragon families (Chromatic, Metallic, Catastrophic, Scourge & Planar as stated in the MM). Still no sign of the gem dragons so it seems they are still getting the bastard child treatment just as psionics is to the core rules.

The Chromatics and Metallics are still the same from previous editions. Bahamut and Tiamat are still the dual opposites of each other but this time they are borned from the death of Io.

Catastrophic dragons appear to be some kind of elemental dragons which I seem to recall seeing in one of the 3rd edition Monster Manual or an old issue of Dragon magazine.

Linnorms are now known as Scourge dragons. If I'm mistaken about them in one of the 3.x edition MMs, they were wingless and dumber degenerates of dragons that served the elves in fighting off an invasion of demons. Now they are evil and love to cause afflictions on living creatures (maybe some kind of plague bearing dragon?).

Planar dragons are an enigma but according to this excerpt, they are dragons that have been affected by the planes. I guess something like Shadow dragons from FR which come from the Shadow Plane. Now we have shadow dragons from the Shadowfell.

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