October 20, 2008

Word of Wizards - D&D Podcast Episode 27

D&D Podcast Episode 27: R.A & Geno Salvatore

This podcast is an interview session with the two authors on their recently released books; 'The Pirate King' (by R.A Salvatore) and 'The Stowaway' (by R.A & Geno Salvatore).

A couple interesting things heard from the podcast,
  • The Stowaway is set during the Halfling's Gem. This is interesting that we are getting books that is set in the early days of the Realms before the Spellplague. If you hadn't know by now, Drizzt makes a cameo appearance in this book.
  • R.A Salvatore was also affected by the major shakeup of the Realms and his current trilogy is meant to tie up some loose ends. Guess we aren't the only ones.

It's an easy and short listen so if you want to know more about how 'The Stowaway' was written and what the collaboration between father and son was like, you could check it out.

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