November 3, 2008

Word of Wizards - Bard Revealed!

Alright, not quite. But in this month's Ampersand, Bill Slavicsek revealed the cunning bard build and preview of its powers from the 1st to 10th level, which I don't think we're going to see any excepts until January.

So this is sure going to be exciting news.

Unfortunately, I'm not a DDI subscriber and won't be able to provide a link for it.

All I know so far (from here) is that the Bard is confirmed to be an Arcane Leader and the gist of what's seen so far is summed up as,

1. bards can multiclass into as many classes as they like
2. there are new rituals specific to bards
3. the bard has quite a skill list
4. it seems to play like a ranged warlord mixed with an illusionist

The idea that the bard can multiclass freely is sure to get the min/maxer turning it to be their new favorite class and here I thought that the designers were trying to get rid of the multiclassing problem in 3.x.

So if anyone who has read it, consider yourselves as lucky bastards.


jason.griffith said...

Yeah, I imagine I'll be all over the Bard's MC trait. That's pushing the bounds of too good to be true.

Questing GM said...

I would admit that by doing so for the bard does remind of that jack-of-all-trade feel it had in AD&D.

But I'm hoping that the MC feats would make min/maxing with the bard not as worth it as it was in 3rd ed.