November 8, 2008

Word of Wizards - D&D Alumi: Fighting-Men

D&D Alumni: Fighting-Men

This month's D&D Alumni goes back to retrace the evolution of the Fighter throughout the editions. I would say that not much really has seem to change about the fighter over the years. I mean, it is the most straight up class and while variations are found they are mostly revolve around having the greatest strength in the party.

I do remember the 2nd edition fighter which automatically gets a keep at 9th level and have always dreamed about reaching that level some day, considering the XP tables for fighters in AD&D. The novelty of it didn't make it to 3rd edition which I guess was with good reasons.

The Gladiator sidebar is particularly useful and the notoriety of the gladiator in 2nd edition is something that DMs should consider when they have gladiator fighters.

Overall, it's an interesting read but here's what I found most interesting of all from the 1st edition fighter,

Fighters can employ many magical items, including potions; "protection" scrolls; many rings; a few wands; one rod; many other magic items; and all forms of armor, shields and weapons. (emphasis mine)

Wonder what happened to that idea.


Anonymous said...

If you want the experience of having a keep again, you can do it in 4th Edition now! There's an Epic Destiny, Mystical Sovereign, that gets you a keep, the resources to maintain this keep and people to take care of it and defend it, all at 21st level. And your immortality makes you a living legend that rules over the country you wished to rule. Really awesome.

Questing GM said...

Hey, Wyatt!

Thanks for pointing that out. I've dug up that article again and must have forgotten about it when I read it the first time.