November 7, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Bone Mongrel

Draconomicon Excerpts: Bone Mongrel

The Bone Mongrel is a kind of dracolich that is made up of the bones of various dragons and it is assembled into a horse-sized malevolent monstrosity.

This is the first featured dracolich from the Draconomicon, out of four others and I can't really say that I'm really impressed with this one.

Stats-wise, it is a level 8 Elite Brute that has all the attacks that you can expect from a normal, breathing dragon. It has a bite attack that deals necrotic damage and its Flensing Teeth allows it to make 2 bite attacks in the same round.

The breath weapons shoots out bone shards that also deals 2d10+10 necrotic and 5 ongoing damage. What's different about this one is that if the PCs failed the first save against the ongoing damage, it gets increased to 10.

Its Horrid Presence dazes and pushes the enemy 3 squares.

The Bone Mongrel hates its existence and would fight to death to rid itself of it although there was a mention of phylactery, the excerpt does not give a mechanical way of destroying it which is odd.

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