November 25, 2008

Word of Wizards - D&D Podcast: Episode 29

D&D Podcast: Episode 29

In this podcast, Dave Noonan and Mike Mearls answers some questions about their personal opinions and preferences in gaming, design ideas behind some of the mechanics of 4E, DDI and phonetics!

Here are some of the highlight questions and answers (you can see the full list of questions at the link above):

In 4E there is no rule for sundering or disarming. Why are they not represented in 4E?
  • Sunder has financial implications to the player if their weapon gets destroyed which is one of the reasons why it was fun to do but not fun to deal with later.
  • Disarm was taken out of the equation of combat since dealing damage is balanced with hitpoints. However, Dave Noonan suggest that disarm can still be implemented as a 'visual flair' when the PCs defeat an enemy when he/she surrenders.

Will we see tradition class abilities, such as the paladin’s mount or detect evil, return?
  • Animal companion rules are already back in Martial Power.
  • For Detect Evil, one of the conscious 4E decisions is to let players' rely on their skill and logic to discern an evil character instead of having a system to do that.
  • Paladin's Mount might be back if there's a compelling mechanical way to bring them back. Maybe following the model of animal companions for rangers or a ritual.

Sure Strike (fighters) and Careful Attack (rangers) are two powers that seem outclassed; were they mistakes?
  • The designers admit that they had over-valued accuracy attacks.
  • Internal playtester would try to max-out their attack bonus and unless they do, they are more likely to use a more accurate attack than a more damaging attack.

What have you discovered from 4E feedback that you feel isn’t quite working?
  • Minions.
  • Economy. The DM's invisble hand in 4E has to keep magic items in check more than in 3.x.
  • The details of combat (e.g, resolution of actions such as charges, triggers, forced movements and corners)

Besides races/classes, what other things can we find in Player’s Handbook 2?
  • Dave Noonan got a lecture for spoiling too much information on PHB 2. So all he can say now is 'Cool stuff'.
  • Mike Mearls say that the PHB 2 will not have any 'weird' rules like realm guidance rules
  • Imagine PHB I without the combat chapter.

Would you ever consider making an adventure for power gamers?
  • Mike Mearls think power gamers are jerks.
  • Power gamers may find the Dungeon Delve book appealing.

If you could change one thing about the original D&D Insider conception, what would it be?
  • An adventure designer similar to the Character Builder.
  • Look more into mobile devices (e.g, iPhone) from the beginning.

There will be a part 2 to answer more questions so stay tuned!

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