November 25, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: The Shadowfell

Manual of the Planes Excerpts: The Shadowfell

The final excerpt for this month focuses on something that is eerily closer to home; the Shadowfell.

It gives a few good description on the mood and feel of the Shadowfell and how to play its fear factor when using it in your game. It most definately has given me some ideas on how to run a Shadowfell-based campaign.

Interesting elements of the Shadowfell pointed out in this excerpt is how the place is naturally darker both metaphorically and literally. Natural light sources are dimmer in the Shadowfell but this does not affect magical light.

The Shadow Crossings idea is an interesting way for both the World and the Shadowfell to interact and a great way for players to stumble into them.

Finally a word on the Domains of Dread, while it has clearly taken the Ravenloft concept and incorporated it into the 4E cosmology, I still do have some questions on how it actually works into the Shadowfell. Is it some sort of demi-plane by itself within the Shadowfell that exist on its own or can one cross from one Domain of Dread to another within the Shadowfell?

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