November 6, 2008

Word of Wizards - Digital Insider #14: Character Builder

Digital Insider #14: Character Builder

A ETA for the Character Builder beta is announced. They are hoping to launch the Character Builder beta for subscribers and tester registered during D&DXP sometime early next time (probably monday) and to the public sometime December.

As mentioned before, the beta will only contain enough data from the books to build characters up to 3rd level.

When the completed Character Builder is launched, Wizards intend to increase the subscription fees but they won't charge any current subscribers until their subscription term ends.

Randy Buehler also mentioned that they might consider having an 'application package' and a 'magazine package' for subscribers to choose from and I think that is a pretty good idea.


Jeffrey said...

Not really a 4ed person. I say that for disclosure reasons.

How much of an increase are they talking about? Do you think the builder will be worth the increase?

Questing GM said...

Hi jeffrey!

An exact amount was not given except that Randy said that it will increase the price.

Also, we have to remember that the current subscription rate was ga revision of the initial DDI subscription rate since they failed to deliver the full DDI package on time and the magazines were going full swing at the time when WoTC decided to pull the switch into subscription mode.

So once all the components of the initial DDI is launched, I won't be surprised that they are going to revert it back to the initial pricing.

That's where the 'application package' and 'subscription package' comes in. Although with the launch of the Character Builder, they still won't have enough components to justify a split yet but Randy also mentioned that they will see to it once they have the Dungeon Builder and Character Visualizer up.