November 14, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Dragonkin Kobold

Draconomicon Excerpts: Dragonkin Kobold

While dragons are mighty creatures that rings fear into the hearts of even hardened adventurers, the Draconomicon promises to be a book that will contain all things related with dragons and that includes their minions!

The Dragonkin kobolds take their service to their draconic masters above and beyond the call of duty. It's the price they paid with their soul.

After erasing their life memories and ambitions and selling out their soul to be bound with their masters forever, these kobolds known as the dragonkin also gain powers in return. These kobolds are more than your average kobolds. They are stronger, toughter, resistant to fire (5) in addition to being Shify and Trap Sense. They can and will wipe out any 1st-3rd level party of adventurers possibly on their own.

This excerpt introduces 2 types of dragonkin kobolds; the sentry and the defender.

First, the sentry is level 5 skirmisher. His job is to guard the entrances of his master's lair and they have a Telepathic Warning (standard; encounter) which warns their master within one mile of any intruders even onto death. But before that, the PCs will still have to face the wrath of their Mighty Dragon Strike (standard; encounter); a spear attack that deals 1d8+3 damage and 5 ongoing fire damage.

Then we have the defender. He is a level 6 soldier that while does not have a telepathic link with their master but they are spurred to attack For the Master which grants them a +1 bonus to attack while within 5 squares of a dragon.

When defending their master, his hoard or lair because these guys will take their life to ensure that None Shall Pass (standard; recharge 5,6); a longsword attack that can immobolize and give a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends both) to anyone who dare bypass them.

I really like these kobolds alot. The description for them is cool and their stats shows that selling your soul to a dragon does pay off. I like the ritual that turns these kobolds into the dragonkin and the scale that is embedded in their chest. It really helps to differentiate them from their average kin when the PC search them.

Also, their combat capabilities are pretty solid and they are not minions. This means that PCs should be mindful and never underestimate these little critters even though they are well above their 3rd level. However, I'm wondering what's the deal with their special attacks requiring a certain weapon.

I'll be eager to plant these guys into the next dragon's lair that my PCs will stumble into.

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