November 1, 2008

Word of Wizards - November Editorial Calendar

November Editorial Calendar

They have released the editorial calendar for November and you can see what to expect for next month's worth of articles from the magazines and other free stuff.

There will be more excerpts from Martial Power and Draconomicon until the second week, which by then they should be released from the printers. Then we'll be moving on to see some tidbits from Manual of the Planes.

The old features from the 3.x days are mostly back like Steal This Hook, Vicious Venues, wallpapers and the art and maps gallery. It seems that the Scales of War free support article has been pushed here from October too.

There would be a couple of podcast, one of them will be about the DDM which I'm sure will be interesting to listen to and a new fiction piece which is currently untitled at the moment.

There will be another D&D Alumni which would probably spark another 'retrolution'.

Wizard's has done a good job so far of keeping to their editorial schedule although they haven't been 100% perfect but it's good enough for me that I'm able to keep up with my own schedule with them posting up stuff regularly.

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