November 1, 2008

Word of Wizards - 1/11/08

So October is over and it's already November. It has been a week filled with juicy excerpts and we can still expect to see more of them in November.

This week we saw the Aerialist rogue build and Daring Acrobat paragon path from Martial Power. For the Drconomicon, we were introduced to a new planar dragon and added a twist to a dragon's hoard.

The Character Builder is almost on its way but non-subscribers probably won't be seeing it till around December or January 2009.

Anyway, here's the rundown for this week and the next time we meet, it will be featuring contents from the November Editorial Calendar.

Monday (27/10/08)
Excerpts: The Aerialist Rogue
Excerpts: Hoards

Wednesday (29/10/08)
Dungeon 159 Art and Map Gallery
Digital Insider #13: Character Builder

Friday (31/10/08)
Excerpts: Daring Acrobat
Excerpts: Frostforged Wyrm
November Editorial Calendar

See you in November!

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