November 19, 2008

Word of Wizards - Vicious Venues: The Trash Cart

Vicious Venues: The Trash Cart

This month's Vicious Venues focuses on a warforged junk collector, Jakob, that collects utensils, tools, broken weapons and shit (literally) because he is fascinated with every bit of history that is attached with each piece of junk he finds.

He goes around the town or community by pulling his two-wheel cart and collects anything that anyone discards. It even comes along with a good description of how he pleas for junk. I'm thinking of making a tune for it to be a song. After making the rounds (6 day a week), Jakob then brings them back to his junkyard where carrior crawlers act as both watchdog and neighbors for the lonely warforged.

This article is quite well detailed and fleshed out regarding the warforged, plot hooks that could be related witih it and the description of the junkyard. Although most of the plot hooks that are provided seem to suggest that Jakob is a real evil spy/bandit/thief in disguise but he could be just a well stocked used-item retailer.

There's a skill challenge of trading with Jakob in case the PCs want an item that is under his possession. In case the PCs do end up doing combat with him, there are 3 stated versions of Jakob (Level 4, 8, 12 skirmisher) and 2 variants of carrior crawler (small; level 5 controller and tough: level 11 controller).

After reading this, it started to sound really familiar. Warforged collecting junk that lives in a junkyard together with insects.

Now I get it.

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