November 19, 2008

Word of Wizards - Digital Insider #16: Builder Beta Feedback

Digital Insider #16: Builder Beta Feedback

After a week since the launch of the Builder Beta, it seems that it hasn't been a completely pleasant ride for all. Vista users with 64-bit graphics weren't able to run the program but it was fixed later.

Then the other problem which I have read in the forums is the .NET framework installer which seems to hang at 99%. Randy Buehler suggested that anyone having problems with the .NET should check out this forum thread for some useful information.

There's been some upgrades and fixes to the Compendium and a couple of the bonus tools. Now they've added a search and filter function to the Compendium which should really help out alot when searching through that large (and growing) database.

Finally as a tidbit, Randy Buehler reveals that in December's Editorial Calander, there is going to be playtest documents for magic items from Adventurer's Vault 2 and also another preview of a class from the Player's Handbook 2!

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