December 8, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: The Feywild

Manual of the Planes Excerpts: The Feywild

Our first excerpt for this week is the second parallel plane; the Feywild. I have to say that this plane was a bit harder for me to imagine when I first read it in the core rulebooks and the introduction to the planes.

The family analogy helped understanding its place in the cosmology but I still had some difficulty in trying to see what sort of monsters would live in there and what sort of encounters or hazards to plan for my PCs if they ever travelled there.

After reading this, I've got a much clearer general idea and I would definately want to explore more on the darker and sinister side of this plane.

Now back to the excerpt. It starts with a general overview of the plane which we already know mostly then moves on to how PCs can usually get there. More often than not, people enter the Feywild through Fey Crossings (which is very similar to the Shadowfell's Shadow Crossings). Seeing this idea repeated for both parallel planes implies that PCs are more likely to enter these planes through this method, does kill a bit of the luster when I first heard the idea of crossings.

I would have expected these methods to be similar in function but different in approach to be more original.

However, this excerpt also introduces another way of entering into the Feywild that the Shadowfell doesn't have. The concept of the WorldFall of a portion of the Feywild manifesting into the material world and taking a portion back along with it does sound interesting.

The next section talks about the inhabitants found in the Feywild. We already know that the the Feywild is the homeland of the Eladrin but they share their home with the Formorians that lived in subterranean homes.

Animals in the Feywild also have an above average animal intelligence which gives that magical forest feel. Now I'm forseeing a bit of Chronicles of Narnia in the Feywild but there are also malicious feys that reside in the Feywild too like the hags.

The Shadowfell has its Domains of Dread and the Feywild have the Archfeys. They are almost god-like entities of a certain aspect of nature whether transcended sentient beings or awaken forces of nature.

Although names are mentioned but there are no crunchy stats in this excerpt. I'm seeing them as very important and influencial personas in the Feywild and would most likely be the best allies or the worst enemies for the PCs adventuring in the Feywild.

I'm going to need more details and reading to make the most of this plane but at least the excerpt points to a certain direction.

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