December 8, 2008

Word of Wizards - Spotlight Interview: Manual of the Planes

Spotlight Interview: Manual of the Planes

In conjunction with the excerpt of the Feywild today and to understand the Feywild a little better, they have interviewed John Rogers. He is the designer that was in charge of developing the Feywild and wrote that chapter of the book. Although this is his first published game work, he has an impressive writing record from TV, film to comics.

The first part of the interview goes into the insights of how John had developed the Feywild and which directions he had taken it to. There are a numbers of references that he openly named from modern literature works related with the fey (by Jim Butcher and Justina Robson), older editions of the monster manual, Pan's Labyrinth, Lost and even Cthulhu.

The names he mentioned are definately going to be in my to-read and to-watch list.

He also talked a bit on how he wanted to develop the Feywild to revolve around conflict which emphasises that duality of the plane. It isn't just a plane where beautiful and peaceful elves live with graceful animals but there is also a dreadful presence that makes the plane even more dangerous.

For the rest of the interview, it's mostly about getting to know about him better personally. He talks about his career and experience in different fields and about some of his work. He was the one who wrote the first draft script of the Transformers movie and he said that the final screen version had mostly stick to his original idea.

He even gave a little advice on how to make it in the media fields.

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