December 15, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Origins and Society

Open Grave Excerpt: Origins and Society

After all the planar hopping from last month, we take a look at a new book that will be the first to be released for 2009; Open Grave.

Nothing crunchy yet, just fluff for this excerpt.

First,it talks about how undeath started in the Point of Light setting while it also gives details on how to roleplay them. There is a very interesting sidebar which explains the actual process of death and dying and where the soul journeys to in the setting.

The book then classifies undead into 3 mentalities and explains their motives and behaviors. From the mindless zombies, the incorporeal wights and wraiths to the most powerful liches and vampires.

Each stage of undeath is differentiated by their intelligence and the absence or presence of the soul. With the higher level undead able to retain both, the ghostly undead using their past memories, passion and love to feed their eternal hunger for a soul and finally the lowly zombies which is nothing more than animated corpses.

The last part of the excerpt touches on how undead fit into society. While most undead exist as outcast or outside the fringes of living civilizations, the more powerful undead are able to infiltrate admist the living pretty well.

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