December 15, 2008

Word of Wizards - P2 Demon Queen's Enclave Art & Map Gallery

P2 Demon Queen's Enclave Art Gallery
P2 Demon Queen's Enclave Map Gallery

Although the module is due to release tomorrow but it's never too late to start preparing some props for it. This is the first module with an open art and map gallery which is what some of us has been asking for a long time. I can only hope that Wizards could backtrack and release the artworks and maps of the previous modules and all the art depiction of the drow NPCs are awesome (You should check out the drow vampire BBEG).

The art gallery has a couple of beautiful Underdark landscapes which is also generic enough to describe the Underdark in general. There are also illustrations of the new monsters in the module which really helps with the description for them.

The maps in the map gallery are mostly unmarked except with arrows indicating the function of the rooms. A minor flaw that I guess can be overlooked if the players don't metagame.

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