December 12, 2008

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: P2 Demon Queen's Enclave

P2 Demon Queen's Enclave Excerpts

As the module draws closer to being released next week, it has received minimal previews.

Until today.

The module takes places in the drow settlement of Phaervorul which is being overrunned by undead under the command of a renegade drow warrior, Zirithian. Zirithian, who has converted into a worshipper of Orcus, is being offered the chance to be chosen as an Exarch of Orcus if he manages to claim the city and offer sacrifices of powerful souls to his new patron. Enter the PCs.

In today's excerpts you will find an adventure introduction, hooks, ways to deal with the drow, a couple of sample encounters and finally new stats for an all time drow favorite; the Yochlol.

The Yochlol Tempter is a level 17 controller is a shapechanger with 2 forms; a true form and a tempting female drow form. Each form has it is own different set of powers and attacks which the Yochlol can interchange in the middle of combat with Change Shape (minor; at will).

The Yochlol usually starts the battle in its drow form. In drow form, it mainly uses Venom Bolt (standard; at-will) which deals 1d6+5 damage, slows the target and ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends both).

It also has a Seductive Glare (minor; recharge on miss or target save) which dazes, stuns and dominates if the target failed their saves continiously in that order.

When in melee, the Yochlol in drow form has a Spider Touch (standard; at-will) that is a melee version of Venom Bolt but deals 10 poison damage instead.

However, the Yochlol usually reverts back to its true form when in melee range and things start to get scary from there.

In true form, the Yochlol has Amorphous Flurry (standard; at will) which makes 4 tentacle attacks. Each tentacle deals 1d4+4 damage and has a reach of 2. If any target is hit by 2 or more tentacles, they will receive a -4 to Will (save ends).

The Yochlol also can cast a Maddening Web (standard; recharge on a 4-6 only when bloodied) which creates an area burst 2 within 10 squares and only targets enemies. Those who are caught in the burst are immobolized and take 5 ongoing psychic damage (save ends both).

From the looks of the introductions of the adventure, it does sound very interesting. It also brings PCs back to the Nentir Vale which is the setting for most of the H modules which can be tied with the Slaves of the Drow plot hook from a previous Steal This Hook! with a little work.

There are also a couple of hooks which ties back to H2 and H1 for this module so its time to flesh out the details of the relationships made if your PCs have run through those adventures.

A few people have said that this module reminds them of City of the Spider Queen in 3.x, we'll just have to see if this module does a better job when it is released.

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