December 8, 2008

Word of Wizards - Previews for December and Beyond

Preview for December and Beyond

It's the final month of the year so for this month's preview we can see the glimpse of next year. But hold your horses and let's get over with the current month's releases.


We've seen very little about the next adventure module; P2 Demon Queen's Enclave and this preview seems to make up for it.

There is the stats for the new Web Golem (which is also featured in the Demonweb DDM booster set). The 13 level Elite Controller is a really binding monster that immobilizes, slows, grabs and penalizes attacks. It can even use grabbed opponents as a club!

There is also a new magic item; Mask of the Matriach which instills fear to an enemy that makes a melee attack against you and moves it away from you.

Finally some artwork and description of places to be found in the module. While I won't say that they are totally awesome but it is enough to perk my curiousity about the module.

We've been pampered with excerpts after excerpts from the Manual of Planes and the pampering continues. This time they are focusing on magic items and this is probably where many players are filled with glee after reading.

First things first is what I am happy to see included in the book but a bit dissapointed to see how it was designed and developed. The githyanki silver weapons is something that I have always adored and now that it just turns normal damage into psychic damage and has the power to temporarily teleport someone into a demiplane until saved, it just lost quite a bit of the flavor to them from the previous silver weapons.

However, to make it up for the dissapointing silver weapon is the stats for a spelljammer. I suspect to get an understanding of the rules for using the Spelljammer requires the Adventurer's Vault but it's good to see it back after these years though it meant not appear in the exact incarnation that it was suppose to be.


January goes off morbidly with Open Graves. Although previews and excerpts for this book is going to start on the 15th of December, we already start to get a deeper look in the grave and it sounds to be more promising than just being open.

There will be trademark artifacts and icons of the undead as well as new monsters for devious DMs to unleash on their players.

Here's the accumulation of teasers that they have dug up for us.

Sword of Kas
Undead Beholders
Ctenmiir the Cursed (new monster; a special vampire that relies on a artifact for most of its deadly attack)

and finally...

Strahd von Zarovich!

It does make me wonder though, where are they going to place this icon of Ravenloft in the Shadowfell and how would his own domain of dread look like. Speaking of the Zarovich, this preview also features a magic item from Open Graves; the Zarovich Family Sword.


The book that is said to be meant for power gamers, now is the time; Dungeon Delve will have 29 delves to challenge any PC from level 1 to level 30. It is an encounter galore to test the might and mettle of the toughest adventurers and it even has a scoring system to see how well your PCs have done.

This product might be an interesting one to pull during those no-show games or everyone needs a change of pace or break from the campaign. It's also the perfect way to get a game running minus the weekly/monthly commitment.

The preview featured some sample encounters but there is no crunch yet so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Are you looking forward to 2009?

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