January 13, 2009

New Year, New Quests

Another year, another list of resolutions to keep reminding ourselves that we have achieved nothing in the past year.

Fortunately for the first month of this year's RPG Blog Carnival is all about new year gaming resolutions. So I'm making my contribution to it by having my own list of what I want to do for gaming this year.

Major Quest: Game More

This is technically not too hard to do because the number of times I have gamed last year is zero. None. So if I'm just able to get one game going or be part of a game, this will be easily ticked off my list.

I haven't game for a while for various real life reasons and issues that I hope I can resolve them to make some time for myself for gaming. It's really quite hard to believe how I can actually write a RPG blog and not even be gaming.

Currently, I'm looking to run one-shots adventures or convention-style gaming because I don't think I can commit to a full fledged campaign with my current schedule and other more important commitments.

But I really hope to roll some dices real soon for this year.

Major Quest: Attempt to Turn My Significant Other Into a Gamer

I spend alot of time with my girlfriend (and I'm proud of that) and when there are times when I'm not with her, she would constantly catch my hand in the cookie jar, reading stuff about RPGs and gaming.

I appreciate that she doesn't have a real adverse attitude towards this hobby of mine but this year I want to challenge myself to see if I can turn her into a gamer. I bet that it would be a real kick-ass relationship to have when your significant other shares a hobby with the same amount of passion as you do.

The challenging part is trying to introduce the concept of roleplaying to her and why it's more fun than her other hobbies. The other part of why this is difficult to me is because I can't use English to explain it to her because the text in most of the rulebooks is too complicated for her.

My girlfriend has a very different perception about games than me so I'm not sure how keen is she on the idea (Hi, dear!). I'll go for trying to convince her to play in a solo campaign or two.

Major Quest: Try a New Game

I'll admit it that I've only been playing D&D for most of my gaming life since I started. My brain is wired to only playing RPGs that has a d20 in it. I'm naturally reluctant to try any of the World of Darkness games (although I did really enjoy myself with Trinity when I was much younger) because the system and character creations was so different than what I have been used to all these years.

Now it's time to change that and it's also because I don't think that D&D has always been the right system for me. I had my fair share of frustration with the system and they were somethings that irked me to no end which I didn't like. My exposure to other game systems started with reading the forums online and expanded rapidly since I started reading other blogs (from the RPG Bloggers Network, of course).

So for this year, I'm going to run/play a game that is not D&D or is not made by WoTC. I already have a few systems in mind which has perked my interest such as; Mutants and Mastermind (damn you, greywulf!), True 20, Savage Worlds, Anima and Primetime Adventures (Pathfinder doesn't really count because it's partly 3.5 but I still want to run it).

Though I doubt I would get the chance to run all of them and my list is far from comprehensive of what I want to play. I'm expecting that I might add or throw a few systems here and there along the way, depending on how many players I could buy-in.

I hope one day I would be able to run multiple systems on the fly without a hitch.

Minor Quest: Prep More

Being a GM, I acutally enjoy prepping for games or campaigns that I know won't make it to the gaming table just for the sake of it. There is the little pack-rat in me that likes to see me gather up ideas, NPCs, plot hooks and encounters pile up all over a dungeon or campaign.

This past year without gaming has most likely made me rusty. So it looks like it's back to square one for me. Although I might not game as much as I want to for this year, I think I should spend more time on prep. Even though it is time-consuming but it is half of the fun filled when I'm not gaming.

Besides, you can never have too much prep.

Minor Quest: Start Getting Into Some Design Work

Reading through many blogs last year got me a little inspired.

I have seen the Chatty DM jumping off the cliff with his Chatty Studio and he seems to be doing pretty well. I have seen many design work being done by ordinary bloggers who can churned out some pretty interesting stuff and have an audience to match.

I'm thinking if they can do it, why can't it? So for this year, I'll be trying to come out with complete creations of my own (whether adventure modules, feats, monsters or another magic item) and post them on this blog for feedback. I'm really taking a leap of fate here as I'm not sure if I know what I'm doing but what the heck.

I'm also graduating soon so who knows if this will land me a job somewhere or sometime in the future?

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