January 13, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Spirit Possessed

Open Grave Excerpts: Spirit Possessed

This excerpts shows some of the DM's tools that they will find in Open Grave to customize and modify their undead creatures to be set on the PCs.

The Spirit Possessed template basically gives the host psychic attacks that isn't too powerful but it's most dangerous ability is that the spirit is able to transfer itself onto another host (even the PCs).

I particularly like the alternative powers that are being introduced. This exceprt showcases a couple of alternative powers that can be swapped with the powers that Liches typically have which reminds me alot of the substitution race/class features back in 3.x.

Mindspike (standard; recharge 6) which can make an opponent lose an encounter power or take damage which I think is just brutal than Spellmastery.

I'll be looking to see more of these when the book releases.

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