January 31, 2009

Word of Wizards - 31/1/09

So there goes January but it's been a pretty interesting week I might say.

First off is the launch of the full version of the Character Builder but it was riddled with problems for subscribers from installing, updating and using the Builder itself.

Wizards seem to be working on it but the Builder has been troubled with bugs and other problems since the Beta stage and it looks like future troubles like these are just going to turn out some subscribers.

On the brighter side of things, I was very amused with something written by Shelly Mazzanoble where she shared her experience about teaching D&D to her over 60 year old parents.

The Sorcerer preview came out and it appeared to have make some players happy with the return of Wild Magic.

We were also fed 2 podcasts of two recent Realms authors (Richard Baker and Bruce Cordell)who read a chapter from their latest novels; Swordmage and Plague of Spells

Since it's the end of the month, the online magazines are compiled and their respective art and map galleries are made available for download. Getting personally burned out of what to write about these galleries, I've decided to try something new that might put a refreshing perspective at future artworks.

So here's the summary of links for this week.

Monday (26/1/09)
D&D Podcast: Author Reading 1
The Sorcerer, Levels 1-3
Judy and Tom's Excellent Adventure

Tuesday (27/1/09)
Character Builder Goes Live!

Wednesday (28/1/09)
D&D Podcast: Author Reading 2
Digital Insider #23
Dungeon 162 Art Gallery

Friday (30/1/09)
Dragon 371 Art Gallery

Next week, we'll be seeing a preview of the seventh class that will appear in the shortly upcoming PHB II; the Shanman which is only confirmed so far to have a spirit companion. More previews for the coming months ahead will also be available on the first week of February.

Unfortunately, I won't be covering the news for next week as I will be disconnected from the cyber plane for a while. So I hope you guys won't miss too much. In any case, I think I will just be able to make do with a weekend post (like this one) to make up for those missing posts.

To all my Chinese readers wherever you are, I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

See you guys soon.

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