January 13, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Podcast: Episode 31

D&D Podcast: Episode 31 (January 2009)

This episode is the second installment of answering questions from the mailbag. They have introduced a new host to replace Dave Noonan. So meet Jeremey Crawford, who is a 'seasoned' new guy and editor at Wizards of the Coast.

Mike and Jeremey answered some questions and also discussed of the the finer elements of the game. They talked about skill challenges, some of the future design work that is going on for new classes and books, some finer points of ruling and tips for aspiring game designers.

But here's some other interesting questions that deserve to get some attention.

Andrew asks, "Please put to rest how the sleep spell is intended to work. I have been ruling that it is a forced natural sleep but which one can be awoken from by the same means as natural sleep."

They answered that shouting or slapping those affected by the sleep spell can't wake up until they make their saves. Sleep is a magical sleep and can also affect creatures that don't normally sleep (which now sucks for the elves).

Shadow Elf asks, "Is there going to be a necromancer class?"
Answer is Maybe.

So listen it out, there are a few interesting commentaries and even campaign ideas in this one.

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