January 8, 2009

Word of Wizards - Excerpts: Undead Lairs

Open Grave Excerpts: Undead Lairs

Today's excerpt talks about undead lairs. It gives two principles of what an undead lair should not have, which are good points and easily forgotten.

  • no light
  • no warmth, sanitation, water, food, sleeping and socializing space
Although there are exceptions to the rule such as vampires but it just makes sense that undead have no need for these comforts which makes them and their lair unbearable.

The excerpt also gives an overview of a sample lair which can be turned into an adventure in itself called the Bloodtowers of the Moorland. Pun namaes aside, it is suited for level 12 adventures that comes with a map. A sample encounter of the lair can be found in the Preview for January and Beyond.

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