January 8, 2009

Word of Wizards - Vicious Venues - Sylvan Cathedral

Vicious Venues - Slyvan Cathedral

This month's Vicious Venues goes wild. A forest sanctuary that is the perfect place for celebrations and reveries for the fey, elves and other denizens of the wild where they can feel at peace.

The cathedral is tended by the dryad, Larixii who appears as a elf or eladrin dressed in green robes who also acts as guardian for this place. When the cathedral is attacked, she is aided by satyrs and dire boars.

It's a pretty good write up which tells DMs on how to use it in their game and makes for a good resting spot for side-trekked adventures. Check out also the stats for the unicorn (level 11 skirmisher leader).

However, I think this writeup would have greatly benefited with a map of the location itself or at least a piece of artwork for greater visualization.

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