February 15, 2009

Questing's Readings - 15/2/09

It's been pretty slow for this week. What with all the cons and Valentine's Day occupying both sides of the weekends, I guess the bloggers were busy expressing their love one way or another (for a game or for that special someone who doesn't live in a game).

Although there's hasn't been alot of hard-hitting and inspirational content for this week, it certainly didn't cut down the number of good reading material that I had enjoyed this week.

Another highlight for this week is that there has been some heavy discussions going on about various topics but what kept me most interested is the discussion on RPGs as intellectual properties. With the recent post about copyright in blogs a couple weeks back and the closing of Ema's Character Sheet website, this issue is making its way into the RPG bloggersphere that is going to catch quite an attention.

Anyway, on to the list!

Advanced Gaming & Theory
A Guide to Gnomes
I really enjoy reading these detail old school look back at the races. It certainly makes me nostalgic. Looking forward to the other races.

At Will
Tools of the Trade: What Gaming Software do you use?
A good collection of softwares for making the GM's life easier followed up by good recommendations in the comments section. I wonder how many of them are free though.

Chad Perrin: SOB
RPGs and Intellectual Protectionism
A reaction to Mad Brew Labs' on RPGs as Intellectual Property (see below)

Critical Hits
Dungeons & Dragons at New York Comic Con '09
The guys at Critical Hits share their experience and some juicy news from the Wizards' booth at NYCC.

Pains of Campaigning VIII: What About the Bad Guys?
Fear of running the evil campaign? Well fear no more with some good advice on keeping it organised.

How have you used terrain to make combat more tactically interesting & exciting?
The thread title explains itself. Good ideas to mine from this thread.

Exchange of Realities
Role-Playing: What is it, why does it matter?
Ravyn sharing her thoughts on what is role-playing to her and how it affects her writing.

Geek's Dream Girl
An Adventurer's Guide to Valentine's Day Survival
The most deadliest classes.

Gnome Stew
Micro Sessions - Gaming in that ten minutes you weren't using anyway
Got 10 minutes to spare? Here's what you can do for your gaming.

Redirect The Critical Fail
Turning a fail into a win. Good advice on salvaging a failed skill check from destroying the plot and making it better.

Recapping With Style
I've always had problems with recappings to make my players remember what they should. Some very interesting advice on styles.

Traps As More Than Something To Disable
Very good ideas on making more out of your traps.

Initiative Or What?
Symbolizing 4E D&D Classes with Runes
This post is just too cool to pass up! Something that I might considering using at some point.

Mad Brew Labs
RPGs as Intellectual Property
A breakdown of American IP laws for easier understanding in relation to RPGs.

Roleplaying Pro
Character Hooks
A list of backgrounds, relationships and motivations for your PCs or NPCs to choose from. This could be quite useful for the first-time gamer as starting points.

The Art of the Near TPK
Race/Class Synergy in 4e: Racial Abilities
This week we take a look at the half-elf, halfling and tiefling racial features for classes.

The Free RPG Blog
Players will never forget their friends - or enemies...
Get annoyed when your players don't remember the NPCs? Give them a calling card!

The Gamer Dome
D&D Experience 2009
Didn't get to go to Fort Wayne? Have a feel of it here. Now I'm only complaining cause there were no pics.

The Keep on the Gaming Lands
I Hate Resistances
Mike Mearls making an interesting houserule and direction on how to work with resistance.

Killer Enconter Combos #1, Level 6 Encounter
This is a well done pre-made 4E encounter that is sure to be very useful. I will be looking forward to more of these posts.

Whitehall ParaIndustries
The Better Side of RPG Theory- Part VI: Elements of Design
The Better Side of RPG Theory- Part VII: The Future?
Timeline of RPG Theory
The series on the history of RPG Theory comes to an end. I really learned alot from this series and the timeline really helps to put things in perspective.

Tactics & Strategy in Game Design
A new series. An interesting differntiation of tactics and strategy in gaming and the implications of it in game system design. Looking forward to it.

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