February 14, 2009

Word of Wizards - 14/2/09

Things are moving on slowly for this week over at Wizards. I guess it's the fatigue setting in after two consecutive cons last week.

Speaking of cons, this week's podcast had some of the designers who were at D&D XP talking about their experiences there so you can listen to those if you wanted to know what it was like there (and get some spoilers on PHB II).

This week also saw the last of the weekly Digital Insider and future news regarding the progress of the Insider will appear more sporadically (like the update on the Compendium on Friday for instance).

I would say that keeping up with these Digital Insider news during the early days of the Insider and 4E were pretty exciting since we were kept up to date on the latest happenings on the client applications and the direction of the Insider were a bit uncertain. When things started to settled down after the Character Builder, the news almost trickled to halt and it was sometimes pointless to cover them because they just had nothing to say.

Still, don't miss out the final Digital Insider for big announcements on the months to come for subscribers!

Here's the rundown for this week at Wizards.

Monday (9/2/09)
D&D Podcast: D&D XP/Open Grave

Digital Insider: Where We Are

Friday (13/2/09)
Compendium Update

Next week, we'll start to see excerpts from the PHB II. Most likely on the races and other new options (feats, paragon paths, powers and magic items) that will be in the book. We'll also be tuning in to the new Penny Arcade actual play podcast which I have no idea on how to cover them. There's also going to be an interview, probably with the designers of PHB II.

Subscribers can look forward to next monday where they will catch a preview of Primal Power and Playing the Shadar-kai article from Dragon.

Before I forget, Wizards is also currently conducting a survey about D&D and the D&D Insider. This is your chance to voice out my grievances or suggestions on improving the Insider whether you are already a subscriber or you want them to make you one. You can take the survey here.

Last but not least, Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers.

See you all next week!

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