February 8, 2009

Questing's Readings - 8/2/09

Another week of great readings. Although I have been disconnected from the net for almost a whole week, I took the time this morning to do some catch up and I'm glad that I did.

Despite being able to do some reading, time did not permit me to find everything that I've missed so this week's list might seem to be lacking. You could most definately recommend me any good reads in the comments section if you think I missed something that I should check out.

Right now, here's my list of what I'm so glad I didn't miss.

A Butterfly Dreaming
100 Medieval Careers
A handy list for fleshing out some details for random NPCs.

Bard of Valiant
Game Masters and Leadership Skills: Part 5
Game Masters and Leadership Skills: Part 6
Good suggestions to how to reduce the workload of the game master and why communication is key to make everyone enjoy the adventure.

Campaign Mastery
When Good Ideas Linger Too Long: Compacting plotlines
Even the best ideas can get old so here's some ways to keep it tight so that it won't lose its luster.

DND Corner
Understanding Probability and Why You Should Care
A good study of dice mathematics which is very insightful to make you choose between a dice pool or a higher die.

How to Introduce Diseases into Your Dungeons and Dragons Campaign
How not to use diseases and when.

You Went The Wrong Way Dummies!
How to plan for the unplanable.

Gaming Brouhaha
Episodic Games: An alternative campaign structure (Part 1)
Why episodic games can makes things much easier for the GM and the campaign. The series is starting to look good, so I'll be following future installments of it.

Geek's Dream Girl
Are You Working With the Undead? (Open Grave: D&D 4e Supplement)
Can't find use for Open Grave yet? How about comparing the undead with your co-workers? Full of laughs!

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
GM Pep Talk
Good advice on staying postive for your game for GMs.

Pen And Paper Portal
A Problem Conveying the Epic
The author looking for help with descriptions which is met with great advices and comments.

Using Winter in Gaming
Living in the tropics, these are very useful ideas to make winters scary as they should.

Getting Players Emotionally Invested in the Campaign
Good solid advice on how to make your players get more into the game.

Stupid Ranger
Behind the Screen: Roleplaying the process of training...
Some good ideas and perspective for dealing with downtime for your characters.

The Art of the Near TPK
Race/Class Synergy in 4e: More Racial Abilities
This time we take a look at dwarves, eladrin and elves racial features and see how they add up to being optimized for certain class roles.

The Free RPG Blog
Fate- The system that might make you change the way you play
I've been curious about this system for a while now. This review and rundown of the character generation process is making it sound very good despite some flaws it might have.

Gamedesign: Rattled by riddles
Dos and Don'ts of using riddles in adventure design.

epic preparation - p9 - Conclusions
The end of Lemming's epic series. Be sure to check back the previous installments which makes for a comprehensive readinig.

Storywriting in an Immersive World
A great article on how to let go of your campaign progress to your players while still staying in control.

Whitehall Paraindustries
These series on RPG theory history serves as a great introduction to RPG theories. A very interesting read and would definately keep up to it.

Why RPG Theory has a Bad Rep- Part III: The Swine Wars
Why RPG Theory has a Bad Rep- Part IV: The Fading of GNS
Why RPG Theory has a Bad Rep- Part V: Conclusion
The Better Side of RPG Theory- Part I: Blacow’s Four Aspects
The Better Side of RPG Theory- Part II: Allston's Types
The Better Side of RPG Theory- Part III: Bartle’s Player Suits
The Better Side of RPG Theory- Part IV: Robin Laws
The Better Side of RPG Theory- Part V: GEN


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