February 9, 2009

Word of Wizards - D&D Podcast: D&D XP/Open Grave

D&D Podcast: D&D XP/Open Grave

Today's podcast is seperated into 2 segements. The first segment is about D&D XP while the second segment is a discussion about Open Grave with its lead designer, Bruce Cordell.

Mike Mearls, Bart Carroll and Stephen Radney-MacFarland who has just returned from D&D XP in Fort Wayne, Indiana shares their experience about the event. D&D XP was the first time where classes from the PHB II went through an open public test run so the designers shared their thoughts on how did these classes do amongst the attendants during the event.

There's quite alot of talk going on about the Avenger since it was the only class from PHB II that was not previewed (yet). This podcast is definately worth a listen if you didn't attend D&D XP or get a chance to have a taste at the PHB II classes if you're not an Insider. There's quite alot of spoiler information to be heard in this podcast.

Other tidbit information that was revealed in D&D XP and in this podcast also includes,
  • Rules for Familiars in Arcane Power
  • Rules for Domains in Divine Power
  • Rust Monster will return in the Monster Manual II
  • The final book that will be released this year, The Plane Below, will be quite similar to Manual of the Planes which is rumored to be about the Elemental Chaos is being written at this moment
  • There might be a future website column on rules clarification (whether its free or for subscribers only is unknown)
The second segment with Bruce Cordell on Open Grave was generally a breakdown of the content that will be found in the book (Monsters, Campaign Arcs etc.). Alot of spoilers too in this podcast for those who haven't or doesn't own the book.

There was also some tips provided on creating the right atmosphere for undead encounters which were pretty cool.

At the end of the podcast, Mike Mearls revealed that they will be talking about skill challenges in the podcast and they will be taking in questions.

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