February 21, 2009

Word of Wizards - 21/2/09

After a very slow show from last week, Wizards are back in full swing with lots of content posted on their website. This week is all about first time for everything.

Firstly, subscribers get to playtest the new options from Primal Power. The first batch of excerpts from Player's Handbook 2 have also rolled in and the first episode of the Penny Arcade/PvP actual play podcast has also been launched. Be sure to check out this one, the response has been quite positive and it is actually quite hilarious to listen to.

This week also announced the first update for the Character Builder since the release of the full version.

So don't miss out, here's the rundown.

Monday (16/2/09)
Excerpts: Racial Paragon Paths
Steal This Hook! Love for the Undead

Wednesday (18/2/09)
D&D Podcast: Penny Arcade/PvP Ep1

Thursday (19/2/09)
Character Builder Update (Feb 2009)

Friday (20/2/09)
Excerpts: Backgrounds
Design & Development: Ask R&D

Next week, you can expect another episode of the Penny Arcade/PvP podcast and more excerpts from the Player's Handbook 2. The Spotlight Interview that was suppose to appear this week has also been moved to next week so you can also look forward to it then.

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