March 29, 2009

Questing's Reading - 29/3/09

This has been a very happening week over at the RPG bloggers community and a couple of great announcements has been made.

Firstly, this has been going around the blogsphere but I'm plugging for them the first time here, the Open Game Table RPG Bloggers Anthology is now up for sale and it is a great product which brings together the best RPG blog posts in 2008 (kudos to the The Core Mechanic for a great job).

Seeing the potential of what bloggers can produce together with the Open Game Table, the blogger community is called together for their second joint project. It's still in its early stages but do check out what we are planning next (Newbie DM & Mad Brew Labs).

It has also been a great week of readings unfortunately assignments have not only managed to eat up my blogging time but also my reading as well (I don't want to see another business report on the feasibility of Telstra entering the Indian market). Still, there's been a couple of great echo chambers going on involving spouses and some gamers are quitting 4E.

I hope you'll forgive me if I didn't include a blurb for your posts but I would recommend these readings to you.

6D6 Fireball
Cheating - Why We Do It
An interesting video on why we cheat.

What if 4e was Free?
Chris asking the question and making the predictions.

At Will
Failure is an Option: When to Use Skill Challenges
Gamefiend giving some really great tips on when to use skill challenges and when is it only necessary.

Tools of the Trade: iplay4e
A very handy tool to create a html version of your Character Builder files.

Bard of Valiant
Using Weather
Introducing some useful weather generators for putting weather into your game.

An Old School Interview with Chgowiz - Part 1
Chgowiz in School - Part 2
The Bard interviewing an old school blogger and his thoughts on various things. Look out for more interviews with different bloggers in the future!

Bat in the Attic

From the Attic: films and shows
Some old school that are inspirational for gamers.

By Decree of The Czar
So I'm going to try to get wifey to play D&D....!

Caputuring Fantasy
Should You Create a Second Character?
Some things to look out for when playing two characters in the same game.

Chad Perrin: SOB
D&D: The more things change, the more they change
A look at the evolution of D&D through the editions.

Chgowiz's Old Guy RPG Blog
Egyptian tomb map resource
Take a 3D tour through egyptian tombs for dungeon inspirations.

Darran Sims
[Actual Play] Getting my wife to play role-playing games
A report of having his wife join a game.

DND Corner
How Much Realism is Too Real?
How different palyers have different expectations on the realism of the game.

What To Do When You Are Sick Of Your Character
Some options when you don't want to play your character anymore.

Backstabbing, It Could Be Fun!
When players should backstab each other.

Dungeon Mastering 101

D&D Game Day: 4E and I May be Done
More Thoughts About 4E
Ok That Tears It - 4E and I are Done!
This gamer has call it quits from 4E, find out why.

Dungeon's Master
Some humorous ways we treat our dice.

Skill Focus: History
A good list of ideas on how to incorporate the History skill into skill challenges.

ENWorld Blogs
RPGs That Changed Gaming Forever
A list of RPGs that changed the gaming industry and the way we game.

Exchange of Realities
The Basics of Intelligent Magic Items
Giving Personality to Intelligent Magic Items
Living With Your Intelligent Magic Item
Avoiding the Hazards of Intelligent Magic Items

Ravyn thinking on the intelligent magic items.

Gaming Brouhaha

Old vs. New D&D - A Direct Comparison

Gaming In Code
Monster Morale
A houserule for determining when the monster should run.

Seeking Inspiration...
Introducing a great site with landscape pictures for inspirations to your next adventure locale.

Jonathan Drain's D20 Source
Why Timmy Can Only Stab Once A Day
Making sense of why the martial power source has dailies.

Fakiness: Bring Back Tripping in 4th Edition!
A plea to bring Tripping rules back for 4E.

Role-Playing Resource: The Internet Medieval Sourcebook
A university internet archive on medieval matters.

Lord of the Green Dragons
The Uncanny
A couple of links to essays on the Uncanny Valley.

Monster and Manuals
Gaming Advice #1: Dont' Be A Dick Head
The first rule of being player.

Campaign Set-Ups and Openers

How To Handle A Bad Game Session

Why Play is Vital -- No Matter Your Age
Another video talking on the importance of play in our growth.

RPG dumping ground
How to make festivals fun in your game.

RPG on Blitz Hobby-ing
GM Styles, Part I
A look at his longest game master's gaming style.

Stargazer's World
Dungeoncraft Links
A couple of links for tips on homebrewing.

[Academic] Antagonistic Players and Irrational Good Behaviour
An academic look at player behaviour in the gaming context.

The Art of the Near TPK

Race/Class Synergy in 4e: PHB2 Classes
A look at good racial combinations with classes from the PHB2. There are a couple of interesting observations.

The Bone Scroll

But I'm Your Long Lost Brother
Why being part of a family is good for your character.

The Core Mechanic
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Needs Blue Bolts from Heaven

The Dwarf and the Basilisk
Top Five D&D Campaign Settings
A list of his top five campaign settings. Potentially a meme?

The Fine Art of the TPK
To be, or not to be, in character
How to promote roleplaying in the group and why do some gamers shun it.

The Geek Emporium
Fun Character Ideas That You May Not Have Tried

The Heroes of Fallcrest and other stories

Why I am addicted to DDI after only 2 days
From DDI hater to lover.

The RPG Corner
Gaming in the 21st Century
A look into the future of gaming?

Shemping: Using Recycled Characters

System Matters, Old School & 4th Edition

Roleplaying and Respect

Skill Challenges, Unnecessary and Problematic
Samey Battles From Dwarves to Dragons

A couple of reasons why 4E isn't meant for everyone.
Review: Open Game Table - The Anthology of RPG Blogs Vol. 1
The Open Game Table Anthology being reviewed by Geek Dad.

For now, I'm done with 4e


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