March 28, 2009

Word of Wizards - 28/3/09

It's been one heck of a closing week over at Wizards. We had a double podcast week. Excerpts have been pouring in from Arcane Power and Dungeon Delve. We also have the art galleries from Player's Handbook 2, Dragon 373 and Dungeon 164 and even a rules update for Player's Handbook 2 and Open Grave.

Too much to handle? Well here's the rundown for the last week of March.

Monday (23/3/09)
Player's Handbook 2 Art Gallery & Dungeon Delve Map Gallery
Arcane Power Excerpts: Vestige Pact
March 2009 Character Builder & Compendium News
D&D Podcast: Author Reading (March 2009)

Wednesday (25/3/09)
Vicious Venues - Incandescent Smithy
Dungeon 164 Art & Map Gallery
D&D Podcast: Penny Arcade/PvP Ep6

Thursday (26/3/09)
Player's Handbook 2 & Open Grave Update

Friday (27/3/09)
Dungeon Delve Excerpts: Orc Stronghold
Arcane Power Excerpts: Summoning
Dragon 373 Art Gallery

We haven't got the new editorial calendar for April so who knows what could be installed for us next week?

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