March 1, 2009

Questing's Readings - 1/3/09

It's been a crazy week. Not only has there been a lot of great content that have been posted up on the RPG blogsphere for this past week but my semester has begun and it has taken up much of my reading time.

Bear in mind that this week's compilation of links might seem a little lacking (you can find more for yourself at the RPG Bloggers Network) and forgive me if I didn't include a blurb to some of the posts which means that I have not done reading them but a general glance through proved to be interesting.

A Butterfly Dreaming
Zero Level
A suggestion on adjusting 4E to create a level 0.

Advanced Gaming & Theory

Treasure as an Adventure
Some cash concerns and the economy.

Putting On & Taking Off Armor
An interesting observation on armor types and why you don't want to sleep in them.

A Hero Twice A Month
Who needs powers anyway?
The 'DM's Best Friend' of 4E and some extra examples on how to use it.

At Will
How To Design a Skill Challenge #3 Part 3: Nesting
How To Design a Skill Challenge Part 4: Sequencing
The Game Fiend with more new ways of looking at how to design skill challenges to make them more dynamic and interesting.

Bard of Valiant

30 Minute Adventure Creation
A very quick and dirty way to spontaneously write an adventure.

Bat in the Attic

Things to consider for your Religion
A good list on what you should describe about a religion.

Campaign Mastery

The Plot Thickens - Hooking Players Into Adventures
Introducing basic ways to seamlessly weave your PCs into an adventure.

Chad Perrin: SOB
What is the importance of RPG terminology?
A further discussion on scenes vs. encounters (see below).


Musings on the Ages of RPGs
A very interesting observation on relating RPG editions with human history.

Critical Hits
Everyone Remembers Their First [DM]
A nice sharing of our first DMs.

Dungeon Mastering
Which classic D&D Character Are You?

Are moral absolutes good for your game?

Gnome Stew
Game Without The Table
Don't Table your Table
The Table as Ambiance
The gnomes going on about the importance and ideas on the most familiar thing that every player always forgets; the game table.

Eight Game Mastering Truths
GMing truths that I have experienced first-hand and every new GMs should know.

Mad Brew Labs

RPP-000: RPG Theory Bibliography
A very comprehensive list of readings and resources for anyone who is interested in pursuing RPG as an academic study.

Musings of the Chatty DM
Sunday Play Test Unreport!
Some very good advice at the end on skill challenges and Action zones.

Purple Pawn
Gambling: Almost Winning Fools the Brain
An interesting discovery that has the potential of being used by GMs or game designers.

Rick Neal
Encounter vs. Scene
A comparison of D&D's Encounters and SAS's Scenes and their implications towards adventure design.

Free Background Music For Roleplaying!
By now you should know that I'm a sucker for free stuff (who isn't), so no complaints here.

The Escapist
D&D in the NBA?
Vin Diesel is cool but Tim Duncan is cooler!

The Gamer Dome
What if wizards were like Highlanders?
Every wizard is a living lich?

Whitehall ParaIndustries
Game Design Questing Beasts- Individual Tactical Combat
Personality Mechanics
Personality Mechanics: Mechanical Bribes
Personality Mechanics: Excuses

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