March 22, 2009

Questing's Readings - Player's Handbook 2 Edition

This week, the Player's Handbook 2 is finally released and gamers had a chance to try out the new classes in their FLGS that were participating during the WorldWide D&D Game Day.

If you've been following up to the launch of the book, you may notice that some of us got our hands on a copy of it before the release and they've been showing us their shinies. Now that the book is out, some other bloggers have also managed to get themselves an early copy.

If you are not sure if you want to buy the Player's Handbook 2 or just can't wait to know what's in it before it arrives at your doorstep, this week of Questing's Readings special edition is just for you.

It's filled with previews of the classes, reviews of the book, how to use the book in your game and even a chance to win a copy!

So take it away.

A Hero Twice A Month
Learning to Fly: Addendum
Rob is spreading his wings with the Player's Handbook 2.

At Will
Player's Handbook 2 First Impressions
The gamefiend sharing his first impression about the PHB 2 and talks about the power sources.

Campaign Mastery
50 Barbarian Hooks for Player's Handbook 2
No previews for this one but as a consolation, here's 50 ways to incorporate barbarians into your game.
The Player's Handbook 2: Page-by-Page (Part 1)
Christopher talks about the races chapter and a bit about the artwork.

The PHB2 Druid - Nature's Schizophrenic
Building a druid character and answering some questions about the class.

Critical Hits
Avengers: Batman is a Divine Striker
A preview of the Avenger.

PHB2 Roundtable: Classes
Dave and a few other bloggers share their thoughts on the new classes.

PHB2 Roundtable: Races and Other Topics
Dave and the bloggers again on the new races, backgrounds and feats.

Flames Rising
Player's Handbook 2: A Look at the Shaman
A preview of the Shaman.

Game Cryer
Player's Handbook 2
The Game Cryer, Chris Perrin reviews the PHB2.

Geek's Dream Girl
Spring Break Bard Contest: Win a D&D 4e PHB2!
E is giving out a copy of the PHB2 if you can come up with a concept for the bard. If you're reading this here for the first time, then hurry! She's picking a winner on Monday.

Gnome Stew
Player's Handbook 2 Preview: A Veteran GM's Take on GMing and the PHB 2
Have fears about what your players will be able to use with the PHB 2? A GM's review of the PHB 2 and how will it affect your game.

Celtic connections in Player's Handbook 2
Finding the pot of celtic themes at the end of the Player's Handbook 2 rainbow on St. Patrick's Day.

Incredible Vehicle
I has the P to the H to the 2, 4 real
A good look into the racial and class combinations from the PHB2.

Musings of the Chatty DM
Players' Handbook 2 Preview: The Warden
The Chatty DM can't stop talking about the Warden.

Newbie DM
What should new DM's expect from the Player's Handbook 2?
The Newbie DM giving us a summary of the book's content and what to look out for as a DM.

Stupid Ranger
The Sorcerer: Destruction Personified
A preview of the Sorcerer class.

Customizing Your Character with the PHB2
A preview of the new options in the PHB 2; backgrounds and the variant ritual book.

PHB2, Races New and Old!
A look at the new races, Deva, Goliath and Shifter in the PHB 2 and the racial paragon paths.

Striking a Musical Chord
Stupid Ranger raving on about her beloved bard.

PHB2 Release Day is upon us!!
Dante listing down his favorites from the PHB2.

The Core Mechanic
Players Handbook 2: The Invoker ... a REAL Bad Ass
A preview of the Invoker class.

Uncle Bear
Player's Handbook 2: Bring on the Bards
A preview of the bard.

Player's Handbook 2: Gnomes Return
Uncle Bear rejoicing the return of the gnomes.

Player's Handbook 2: New Races
Introducing the new races.

Player's Handbook 2: New Classes
A summary of the new classes.

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